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Welcome to the ICT HUB

ICT Hub is a concept of Green-Net Technologies Ltd with a focus on providing high quality and customer-friendly ICT Engineering services with a high degree of technical expertise to corporate and individual users. This covers all the services a user might need right from the choice of a product to the convenient use of the product. Read more ยป

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ICT Hub presently has over 15 (Fifteen) dedicated permanent staff and several contract staff in its workforce and we are always willing to enlist specialist consultants (Nigerians and Expatriates), when necessary. We encourage our personnel to register and be actively involved with their respective local and international Affiliates. Our Management and Technical staff are well experienced and vast in their respective fields of endeavor and are capable of overcoming the hurdles of technical support and material supply. These personnel are experienced in international operations and posses the capabilities that are demanded on that area.

Services offered by our team give clients access to technology solutions that are designed specifically to meet their unique business needs. With the changing state of technology and the vast array of problems in network systems, it is important to have an experienced IT solutions provider to be able to prevent issues from happening in the first place and take care of issues that do occur in a timely fashion.

We offer computer repair services for both in-shop and on-site (home or business) locations. We offer rush repair service and can get our client back into production same day or next. Our clients do not need to wait for a long time for their computer to be repaired; once they bring the computers in, we get them backed up and running within no time. We love setting our clients up with the best possible configuration to meet their needs.